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Letter from the CEO (May)



To our Valued Shareholders and Customers:

May proved to be another busy month for Green Earth Technologies as we continued to execute and expand upon a number of initiatives, including our branding and go-to-market strategies and our production infrastructure to support our anticipated demand for G-OIL® …which will begin shipping in June.  We have gained a remarkable number of periodical placements for our products in a variety of magazine, web and news publications, including; Lubes n’ Greases, Trailer Life, New York Car & Travel, The Daily News, Earth, Wind & Power, WWE Magazine and Road and Track.  These placements have lead to millions of branding impressions as we continue to G.E.T. the word out.

In addition to the above, ACE Hardware Stores featured our G-TIRE™ Ultimate Tire Shine and G-WHEEL™ Wheel Cleaner in their national MEMORIAL DAY chain-wide color advertisement.  This was a first for us, but not the last for we will be featured again this FOURTH of JULY with G-WASH™ Heavy Duty Car Wash and our G-GLASS™ Organic Glass Cleaner, our two top selling appearance product SKU’s.
From an operational perspective, we are now in the final stages of implementing various upgrades to all of our systems; from inventory control, financial reporting and order processing to EDI linking. Working closely with our strategic partner, TTI, these system upgrades will allow improved and faster scalability as we expand revenues. Furthermore, we are working with TTI’s existing customer/consumer service group to expeditiously respond to consumer questions and requests.  Who better to answer these calls than a fully trained professional staff who clearly understand the outdoor power equipment and lubricant categories where our products are sold. I am very encouraged as this will go a long way toward allowing us to efficiently and effectively ship increased orders to our growing list of customers as well as respond to their inquiries rapidly.
GETG has almost completed our first full fiscal year which ends in June. We are currently working on a Form 10 registration statement to be filed with the SEC. We think it is an important milestone for GETG to begin formally reporting to the SEC as our business is now off the ground and continually growing.
Finally, we are very excited to announce that we will be shipping our first motor oil in June, G-OIL 5W-30, the world’s first and only bio-based API SM Certified Motor Oil.  We are also putting the final touches on our new G-1 Racing Oil, which is our current 5W-30 with a touch of “Nano Geodesic Bearings” that will be marketed to the racing industry through MANIC, a sales & marketing agency specializing in “racing” products.  With the addition of these products, the total available Green Earth Technologies SKU count will top out at 48 items, with 13 currently being found on the shelves of The Home Depot. 
In closing, as a shareholder and GETG product user, I am quite pleased with the amount of value creation we add each and every month to the fundamentals of this business. Again I’d like to quote Warren Buffett who said, “You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don't do too many things wrong.” I can promise that Green Earth Technologies is totally focused on doing the few things very right. When we get something wrong we fix it quickly without impacting our customers. In our world the customer is always first and foremost - value and quality is what we strive to deliver.

Always looking forward,

Jeff Marshall - Chairman & CEO  

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