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Letter from the CEO (August)





To our Valued Shareholders and Customers,
I want to make all aware upfront that over the last two months our company has gone through some great changes. We are now gaining momentum in all aspects of our business; partner programs, infrastructure systems, product development, and very profound visibility into product flows and profitably by SKU/product.
Our partnering efforts have been deeply focused on lowering our cost of sales and raising our production capacities as well as designing scalability. Next month we will begin a series of announcements regarding these Partnerships but all are with very large groups who will really help us grow responsibly, while at the same time, make us much more profitable.
August has been another terrific month for the company’s growth and maturity proven by the fact more money has been invested into us by Techtronic Industries (TTI). We will release the terms of this deal shortly.  The additional investment comes on the heels of our integration within their SAP and customer service systems.  We anticipate being up and running by month end.  Needless to say, having access to these “state-of-the-art” systems will be vital to us as we scale up to meet the upcoming retail demand both domestically and abroad.
Through TTI, we are now distributing over 13 SKU’s to The Home Depot and will be announcing additional SKU’s for the remainder of 2009 and 2010, as soon as they are in the stores.  Shipping now is our new G-FUEL Fuel Stabilizer that treats up to 30 gallons (1 oz per 7.5 gallons) and works with all fuels, including ethanol blends, when desiring to keep fuel fresh for up to one year. Also be sure to check out 18 oz, 32 oz and 48 oz G-OIL 10W-30 4 Cycle Engine Oil now on THD shelves.  In addition to the above, I am pleased to report that The Home Depot selected our Bar & Chain Oil to be the bar & chain oil stored in reserve for hurricane emergencies. We could not have been more proud to have this honor.
More good news is that G-OIL 5W-30 Green Motor Oil is now shipping on a first in/first out basis to retailers, quick lubes and online retailers alike.  Most of the “big box” retailers have already made their promotional and distribution plans for 2009 and are in the process of planning for 2010.  We anticipate being included in these plans as we are actively engaging them for 2010 spring testing and placement.  In the meantime, we will be shipping and promoting this fall with regional retailers who can respond quicker while giving us immediate feedback as we “fine-tune” our marketing and communication messages.  Speaking of which, please be sure to pick up the September and December issues of Car & Driver (see attachment) as well as the October Road & Track issue that has a special segment on The American Le Mans for a “first look” of our performance based advertising.
Look forward to September as it will be an action packed month for our company. Again, I want to express my gratitude for all your suggestions and efforts to help our company grow.


Jeff Marshall - Chairman & CEO  



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