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Green Earth Technologies Overview

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Green Earth Technologies, Inc.



Green Earth Technologies, Inc. (GET) will be the first to enter the GREEN automotive market ($12 billion annually) for performance (i.e. oil) and automotive appearance chemicals offering both superior performance and biodegradability.  The product line has the Ultimate Biodegradable ranking (ASTM Standards’ highest biodegradability ranking).  These branded products will be the choice of environmentally concerned consumers everywhere and allow the consumer to fulfill their inner values of global environmental responsibility while reducing our dependence on foreign oil.  Once given a brand name consumers can trust (“G” Brand), a large and growing number of consumers armed with the knowledge that the products are “totally green” will GETGreen!™.



GET scientists have invented a manufacturing process that converts plentiful American-grown base oil solids, such as beef tallow, into high-yield liquid materials. The performance of these materials is enhanced through additives and nanotechnology. The resulting materials can be used to produce “100% green” consumer products that perform as well as, or better than, their environmentally toxic petroleum-based counterparts.  GET possesses several patents relating to this work.  In addition, GET has developed several trade secrets that are of long term value and are not to be disclosed in patent applications.



GET will initially focus on categories considered by consumers to be the biggest contributors to environmental damage by launching a complete line of innovative performance and appearance products.  This will have an immediate positive impact whereby lowering carbon emissions and lessening the pollution of our waterways.  The two most frequent automotive do-it-yourself activities are changing your oil and washing your car.  GET’s initial product launches will encompass both activities.  GET’s G-OIL motor oil is made from American grown base oils and is manufactured with a process that produces zero carbon emissions.  While reducing emissions, American grown G-OIL also reduces our dependence on foreign oil.


Branding and Sales

Branding is the core competency needed to create sustainable top-line growth; it puts consumer insights at the heart of the business and applies those insights to unlock growth.  GET’s branding process focuses on the consumer by uncovering unmet needs and then satisfying them.  Given a brand name that consumers trust (“G” Brand), a large and growing number of consumers armed with the knowledge that the products are “totally green” will embrace the GET option.  By addressing consumer consumption habits first – performance, cost savings, health and convenience, our GREEN choice will be the BEST choice because these benefits appeal to a much wider set of consumers other than those who consider themselves “green”.  The GET Sales Team has presented these products to every significant automotive retailer in North America and the products have received an overwhelming vote of approval from these retailers.  GET’s products will be landing on retailers shelves after the 1st of January, 2008.



Green Earth Technologies, Inc. expected sales of its performance (i.e. oil) and appearance products into the retail and quick lube markets are expected to grow into a $100 million business in the near term. The Company’s first products provide it with significant brand awareness, distribution opportunities and category credibility.  As GET continues to develop, market and distribute its unique green products, the Company believes its sales, earnings and cash flows and the growth of its markets will be superior to its peer companies.



December, 2007

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