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Green Earth Technologies Completes Successful Testing Of Patent Pending G-CLEAN® Well Wake UP™ Stimulation Products In Venezuela

CELEBRATION, Fla., Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Green Earth Technologies, Inc. (G.E.T.) today announced the successful completion of a series of tests with its G-CLEAN® Well Wake UP(TM) Remedy stimulation products in the Ananco District of the Orinoco Oil Belt in Venezuela.

The testing, conducted in partnership with the state run oil company, Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), included the following GET oil & gas well stimulation products:

-- G-CLEAN Well Wake UP Condensate Remedy

-- G-CLEAN Well Wake UP Paraffin Remedy Part A

-- G-CLEAN Well Wake UP Paraffin Remedy Part B

-- G-CLEAN Well Wake UP Asphaltene Remedy Part A

-- G-CLEAN Well Wake UP Asphaltene Remedy Part B

-- G-CLEAN "GREEN PILL" All Purpose Stimulation Remedy

"Our G-CLEAN products were tested by PDVSA in both the laboratory and in the field, targeting a variety of unproductive oil and gas wells. The successful use of our G-CLEAN Well Wake UP Remedies delivered increased production of the treated wells while reducing the frequency of stimulation treatment and minimizing the environmental impact," said Jeffrey Loch, President and CMO of GET.

Oil and gas wells typically encounter casing obstructions due to the crystallization of paraffin and the deposition of asphaltenes in the production process. In some wells, the subsequent formation of condensed rings or water blockage results in declining production and the need for frequent stimulation treatments. The traditional method of cleaning and stimulation usually involves the use of hot oil, acid, diesel fuel and toxic solvents.

The proprietary G-CLEAN suite of Well Wake UP products uses proprietary nanotechnologies specifically formulated for each type of problem encountered in oil & gas wells...introducing Well Wake UP, a patent-pending biodegradable, non-reactive fluid system for oil & gas well remediation and stimulation as well as additional applications such as the cleaning of surface spills and/or down-hole equipment. Without the need for toxic hydrocarbon solvents or formation damaging acids, the Well Wake UP bio-based fluid system removes accumulated deposits of paraffin and asphaltenes in wells and increases production with minimal impact on the environment.

"The PDVSA testing with the G-CLEAN well stimulation technologies yielded unequalled positive results at a number of dormant oil and gas well locations," said Nelson Medina, PDVSA / INTEVEP New Technologies Director. "We have tested and investigated over 100 diverse products and found that the G- CLEAN well stimulation technologies performed most effectively and consistently by increasing and restoring productivity in a number of various types of wells, while significantly reducing the costs and environmental consequences of traditional methods. This increased production is very important for the achievement of our Oil Sowing Plan."

Venezuela's PDVSA /Oil Sowing Plan 2013-2019 is to develop the Full Economic and Technological Sovereignty in all activities of Oil and Gas, as well as related strategic sectors, in order to leverage Core Processes that make up the Economic and Technological components which projects process units of oil and gas subsidiaries, and is part of the development strategies of the petro-industrial poles generated in this Oil Sowing Plan.

Many countries, including Venezuela, have significant numbers of currently inactive or underperforming wells.

"Our successful stimulation of existing PDVSA wells provided an immediate increase in production with less expense and minimal environmentally impactful than drilling additional new wells," said Loch.

ABOUT GREEN EARTH TECHNOLOGIES Green Earth Technologies, Inc. (G.E.T.) is a "totally green" clean tech company that combines domestically sourced renewable and reusable feed stocks with proprietary technologies molded around the four ideologies of being GREEN: biodegradable, recyclable, renewable and environment safe. Branded as G-OIL® and G-CLEAN®, G.E.T. produces a full line of "clean & green" American made environmentally preferred lubricants and cleaning products that allows concerned consumers who care about the environment and American energy independence to do their part without sacrificing value or performance. Save the Earth - Sacrifice Nothing®.

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