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Green Earth Technologies’ G-CLEAN® Well Wake-UP! ™ Oil Well Remediation & Stimulation Remedies Receives Patent

Biodegradable Non-Reactive Oil-Well Stimulation & Method of Use Nano-Scale Colloidal Chemistry a 1st for the Oil & Gas Industry

CELEBRATION, FL (ACCESSWIRE - July 17, 2014) - Green Earth Technologies, Inc. (GETG) (OTC Bulletin Board: OTCQB: GETG), a leading manufacturer and marketer of "green" environmentally friendly products is pleased to announce the grant of US Patent 8,778,850 for the company's G-CLEAN® Well Wake-UP!™ oil well remediation and stimulation suite of products. The invention relates to an acid-free and biodegradable remediation and stimulation fluid system for treating the wellbore and geological formations to improve recovery of hydrocarbons from well damage caused by deposits of heavy organic molecules from petroleum fluids. Heavy organic molecules such as asphaltenes, paraffin waxes and resins exist in crude oils in various quantities and forms. Such compounds could separate out of the crude oil solution due to various mechanisms and deposit, causing fouling in the oil reservoir, in the well, in the pipelines and in the oil production and processing facilities. Solid particles suspended in the crude oil may stick to the walls of the conduits and reservoirs reducing oil production from the wells. Remediation fluids are necessary to disperse, break-up and remove the solid components accumulated in the well bore.

US Patent 8,778,850 was granted for a fluid system that is in the form of a nanoemulsion, which vastly improves asphaltene and paraffin removal efficiency over traditional microemulsions. The nanoemulsion releases and removes paraffin and asphaltene deposits by enabling a mechanism of structural disjoining pressure from a thin film of nanoparticles, which literally spreads between the rock formation and the built-up deposits. Colloidal micelles a few nanometers in diameter then disperse, capture and remove the hydrocarbon deposits allowing the well to resume normal production. The increased deposit removal efficiency of the nanoemulsion also means that much less treatment fluid is required during well remediation as compared to traditional methods due to the high surface area to volume ratio.

The Well Wake UP! stimulation fluid is also produced entirely from biobased materials and is readily biodegradable and non-chemically reactive with the geological formation unlike traditional acid and organic solvent based fluids which damage the reservoir formations and involve risks of groundwater contamination.

"A biodegradable, non-reactive nanoemulsion is a first for the Oil & Gas Industry," said Mr. Jeffrey Loch, President and Founder of Green Earth Technologies. "There are a lot of concerns regarding the environmental impact of oil and gas drilling, especially on groundwater reservoirs, and our biobased nano-scale platform will allow us to provide unique solutions for the oil and gas industry that meets our future energy needs while preserving our already fragile environment."

This fluid system may be used in well remediation and stimulation as well as additional, alternative applications such as the cleaning of surface and/or downhole equipment, groundwater remediation and hydraulic fracturing fluid recovery.

Through their exclusive licensing & distribution agreement with InventeK Colloidal Cleaners, Green Earth Technologies will be responsible for paying for the preparation, filing and issuance of patents for the exclusive licensed IP. For a complete description and further detail of the G-CLEAN well stimulation patent, please click on the below link or visit the US Patent & Trademark Office website:


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