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Connecticut Nature Reserve First in America to Use Green Earth Technologies' Green Motor Oil

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Tuesday April 8, 9:45 am ET

Six hundred-acre tree farm and nature preserve protects the environment and employee health with G-OIL 2-Cycle Green Engine Oil

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Graystone Preserve, a 600-acre farm and nature preserve located in Colebrook, Conn., is the first organization in America to use a bio-based, ultimate biodegradable motor oil in all of its 2-cycle engines. The timbering and lumbering crew at Graystone has switched to using G-OILTM 2-Cycle Green Engine Oil, manufactured by Green Earth Technologies (Pink Sheets: GETG), for their chain saws, weed whackers, trimmers, and more. The switch has eliminated smoky emissions, noxious fumes, constant headaches, and environmental damage from leaks and spills of traditional petrochemical-based 2-cycle oil. Efficiency and lifespan of equipment have also been improved, as G-OILTM leaves no greasy deposits on engine parts.

The G-OILTM experience has been amazing, says Brian Dimock, Manager of Graystone Preserve. Before switching to G-OILTM, our workers, myself included, inhaled smoke from our machines daily, and suffered chronic headaches as a result. Its incredible that the headaches have virtually disappeared. Its equally incredible to see a chainsaw running with no smoke coming out the exhaust. G-OILTM burns completely clean. Even the spark plugs are still clean after weeks of continuous use. Were very satisfied with the product and are looking forward to the rest of the G-OILTM line.

Before switching to G-OILTM, Dimock used a standard, petrochemical-based, 2-cycle oil to run the Huskey equipment on his preserve. The oil produced clouds of smoke, rapidly dirtied engine parts, reduced equipment lifespan, and was a constant danger to the environment.

G-OILTM, on the other hand, is a petroleum free, bio-based oil, manufactured from base oils derived from American-grown animal fats. The result is an engine oil that does not burn when mixed with gasoline in an engine, eliminating smoke and reducing up to 48 percent of the carbon monoxide, 32 percent of the hydrocarbons, and 80 percent nitrous oxide produced by petroleum-based 2-cycle engine oils.

Another added benefit to using G-OILTM, according to William Gray, owner of Graystone, is that his company uses less oil to run the same operations. Before we were using four to five quarts of regular petroleum-based 2-cycle oil a week, says Gray. Now we are only using two to three quarts of G-OILTM.

Gray adds that he would be willing to pay a premium to use G-OILTM, but thankfully he doesnt have to, as Green Earth Technologies has priced G-OILTM on par with traditional petroleum-based oils.

We knew from day one that this oil was a groundbreaking product, said Jeff Marshall, CEO of Green Earth Technologies. Its performance at Graystone Preserve, and the way Bill Gray has incorporated its use into their big-picture environmental initiatives, brings to life the vision we had for G-OILTM.

G-OILTM meets American Petroleum Institute (API) requirements for TC Rating for performance and engine protection. Test results showed that G-OIL 2-Cycle Green Engine Oil met or exceeded the allowed tolerance of a benchmark reference oil on key performance criteria.

Green Earths commitment to green motor oil doesnt stop with the product itself. Everything related to G-OILTMincluding its recyclable packaging, labels, and water-based inksis engineered to support environmental responsibility and sustainability.

G-OILTM 2-Cycle Green Engine Oil comes in easy-to-use 4 oz., 8 oz. and 16 oz. bottles. To learn more or to purchase the product, please visit


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