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Letter From The CEO (June)



Green Earth Technologies, Inc.
Dear Interested Shareholders and Customers,
As the President and CEO of Green Earth Technologies, I would like to communicate to you about the tremendous strides our company has been making towards innovating an industry that, by and large, has not had creative new products in over 30 years.
Our technology has been in development for over 10 years and last year we finally had the wherewithal to begin commercialization of our innovations. In April of 2008, we were proud to announce the first shipments of our products. In the life of any company, the first beachhead to make is initial sales and shipments.   In Silicon Valley terms, this is called the “ultimate 1st milestone,” and I am happy to report we were able to achieve this 9 months from the start of the company – in record time.
Our company is driven by the following:

* We are passionate, trusting, and respectful of our customers and listen carefully to their ideas; 

* We aim to perform at a high level of achievement targeting an enormous $200 billion dollar market;

* Speed and agility are embedded in our culture; 

* We deliver meaningful technology innovation which is differentiated in both performance and price;

* Through Teamwork we strive to deliver a new message to the market, what it means to be “GREEN”; and

* We conduct our business with uncompromising integrity. 

The company has made tremendous progress and I thank you for all your interest in Green Earth's “G" Branded Products and our success. I plan to always publicly announce developments in our company as they happen. 

To ultimately service our customers is at the top of our priorities. I believe that “nothing happens until someone sells something to complete satisfaction.”

We have the right strategy, our performance is just starting to show, and our continued innovation will keep us in the lead. We will stay focused as a company as we continue to pursue our objectives.

Very Sincerely,

Jeff Marshall -President & Chief Executive Officer


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