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Letter from the CEO (September)

29 September 2008

To Our Valued Shareholders and Customers,

For the last few months I have issued an update on our progress as a way of keeping you informed on the activities at Green Earth Technologies, Inc.  We’ve made a lot of progress this month amidst a very surreal financial landscape and the environmental impact of two devastating hurricanes.   Needless to say, September was a very busy month!
I have just returned from attending our second annual “GET Sales & Marketing Strategic Conference" at our Brand and Marketing Center in Celebration, Florida, where our sales force has grown to over 100 representatives.  The timing of this meeting was perfect, as everyone in the room had just concluded retailer’s “line reviews” which will determine in store placement for 2009.  I am happy to say that we were successful in re-securing distribution of our appearance products and delighted to share with you the retailer’s commitment for new distribution of our performance products.  These new performance products will be officially announced and introduced to the press on November 5 at the upcoming Automotive Aftermarket trade show in Las Vegas, NV (AAPEX and/or SEMA).
In addition, we continue to receive re-orders for our outdoor performance products; 2 cycle engine oil and bar & chain, and are very impressed by their current movement and consumer acceptance.  I’d like to invite you to a Home Depot, VIP Auto, National Auto and participating ACE & True Value Hardware stores to “witness” first-hand the in store excitement these products have generated.
Furthermore, we have ramped up production to include 10W-30 4 cycle engine oil, with a 2.6 oz version to be shipped overseas for inclusion in Ryobi’s new 4 Cycle Trimmers.  The 2 Cycle 2.6 oz, as previously mentioned in earlier releases/letters, will be factory packed in Ryobi’s 2 cycle outdoor power equipment products.  All items will be available next spring.
Finally, we anticipate the announcement of some extremely positive customer-related developments over the coming months.  I will say there are noteworthy nationwide customers who will be endorsing our products.  Also, our current customers have requested various new products and with a two month turnaround we have succeeded with their development and will be introducing them into GET’s product line.  It’s doubtful any other company could be so nimble, and I am very proud of our development team and manufacturing group.
You will see reports over the next few weeks regarding new products becoming available for shipment, as well as new customer wins.  I am delighted with your support and good wishes. Your ideas have been stunning and extremely helpful.
In closing, many thanks to our friendly Go-Kart company in California who is raving about smokeless G-OIL because of its health benefits and eco-friendly properties.  Those young men and women will be getting G-Stickers to proudly display on their carts that they are Saving the Earth while Sacrificing Nothing!
Always looking forward,


   Proudly Grown & Made in the USA   

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