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Green Earth Technologies Solves Environmental Car Wash Dilemma with Line of "G"-Branded Totally Green Products

Press Release Source: Green Earth Technologies

Thursday October 16, 3:01 pm ET


STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Green Earth Technologies (Pink Sheets:GETG - News), a consumer goods manufacturer producing G-Branded superior performing totally green products, wants to help consumers wash their cars without polluting the earth. Recently, the Department of Ecology in the state of Washington banned washing cars in driveways where runoff can enter storm drains and pollute water. Green Earth Technologies car cleaner products can solve this problem and help sustain this neighborhood weekend ritual and high school community service activity without harming the environment. G-WASH Heavy Duty Hydrophobic Car Wash is a green alternative for ordinary and heavy duty cleaning jobs. It is not a soap or a detergent or a petroleum solvent, but a blend of natural plant-based products, making it safe to wash your car in your street or driveway. G-WASH is ultimate biodegradable receiving the ASTM Standards highest available ranking.

Green Earth Technologies is committed to releasing environmentally responsible products that will help American consumers continue their everyday routines without harming the environment, said Jeff Marshall, President and CEO of Green Earth Technologies. Our line of automotive appearance products including G-WASH, G-WHEEL, G-GLASS and G-TIRE address the need for car wash alternatives in the state of Washington as well as across the nation. It is our mission to work with state and local officials to end car wash bans and instead embrace green automotive products.

Consumers looking to clean their vehicle while helping to protect the environment can purchase Green Earth Technologies 5-Pack Car Care Kit. The kit includes the 4oz. G-Wash Heavy-Duty Hydrophobic Car Wash, 4oz. G-Glass Organic Glass Cleaner, 4oz. G-Wheel Brake Dust Removing Wheel Cleaner, 4oz. G-Tire Ultimate Tire Shine, 4oz. G-Wheel Brake Dust Shield and a Green Earth Technologies license plate. The 5-Pack Car Care Kit is currently available on for an SRP of $12.88.

All Green Earth Technologies products are made with a base derived from either plant or animal fats (beef tallow) and reduce the environmental impact of car care without sacrificing performance.


Green Earth Technologies produces G-branded superior performing totally green products made with American grown base oils that utilize the power of nanotechnology to deliver environmentally friendly products with no compromisemeaning, consumer can now do their part without having to give up performance or value; Save the Earth Sacrifice Nothing. The G-Brand family of products include G-OIL, G-LUBE, G-WASH, G-GLASS, G-WHEEL, G-TIRE and G-SCENT, which are now available in various automotive categories in a variety of retailers, including The Home Depot, Target, VIP, National Auto Parts, Fred Meyer, Trader Horns, The Andersons, Biggs, Bennett Auto, Franks Auto Supermarket, and participating ACE and True Value Hardware stores. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about G.E.T. and its brands.





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Source: Green Earth Technologies

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