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Letter from the CEO (November)

November 30, 2008
To our Valued Shareholders and Customers,
November was another milestone month for Green Earth Technologies. We had a number of exciting developments as a result of our exhibiting at last months’ Automotive Aftermarket Parts Expo (AAPEX) trade show. Once again, the “G” Brand created enormous excitement, opening opportunities into a variety of trade channels, including retailers, distributors, bulk commercial operators, racing teams, and fleet organizations. With our oils having passed the strict specifications for the “SM” rating, I am confident when saying that we are well prepared to satisfy these anticipated orders soon after receiving final API Certification.
With the current economic downturn we are seeing the spending habits of consumers change.  Consumers are now becoming more “Do-it-Yourselfer’s” and doing more of the work around their homes where 2-cycle applications occur. This interesting trend is also occurring in the motor oil business, as well as with car washing.
The company continues to stay focused as you might have noticed the critical changes we’ve made to the organization to address the day-to-day requirements of our operations. Dr. Mathew Zuckerman has assumed the role of President and COO primarily concentrating on scalability in our motor oils to meet the very strict quality assurances for our customers. His experience in running large manufacturing operations with ISO qualifications and Six Sigma criteria will help to ensure that the company continues to produce the best oil in the world.
We have also added to Jeff Loch’s existing role as Chief Marketing and Brand Officer with the newly-created role of Chairman of our Advisory Board. This Board will draw on the insight of a number of independent, world-class leaders who will advise the company in many areas. We are extremely excited about this initiative as a way of leveraging the talents of these high-powered individuals who have stepped forward and are interested in helping our company grow.
November also brought interest in our high performance designs on oil from a number of racing groups. We will be announcing strides in this area with our new oil “G-Oil RACE 1.” From go-carts to the auto racing world, this will allow us to showcase oil performing at levels never seen before.
At the request of our customers, we also designed and built a bulk delivery program. We are now in a position to meet demand from fleet and fast-lube oil change operators, as well as automotive first-pour applications. This is important for us as it will also allow our distributors to handle their international operations.
On our government initiatives, we announced with Mayor Bill Finch of Bridgeport, Connecticut his efforts to usher in Bridgeport’s sustainability program in the form of an Executive Order.  This Order will serve to improve the quality of life for generations to come. The “greening” of America will happen on a town-by-town and city-by-city basis with local sustainability campaigns such as Mayor Finch’s ‘B-Green 2020’ serving as models for other local and state governments that are committed to saving the environment. We hope to see more and more municipalities across the nation adopt similar environmental policies. In November, because of Mayor Finch and his mandate, we have started to see the efforts in Connecticut begin to proliferate in other cities beginning their own green initiatives.
Lastly, as promised, we delivered our final audited financials, a major milestone for any new company. Our financial statements have been certified allowing us to work with large institutions on financing to meet deliveries and serve as financial partners.
We are excited about our growth, and our team is anxious to shake up the world by delivering first-class products that contribute to saving the Earth while sacrificing nothing.
Always looking forward,


Jeff Marshall, Chairman & CEO  


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