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Green Earth Technologies Educates Their Consumers and Encourages Them to Go Totally Green in 2009 with Their Green Definition and New Years Resolution

Press Release Source: Green Earth Technologies

Tuesday December 9, 2008

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Green Earth Technologies (Pink Sheets: GETG - News), a leading manufacturer of green consumer packaged goods, announced today their “Totally Green” initiative to help educate their consumers on GET’s standards for totally green products. In an effort to inform consumers and make going green easy in 2009, GET’s “Totally Green” definition and “Green” New Year’s resolution tips will be posted on the website beginning today. “Totally Green” will now be defined for the company as a product molded around four ideologies of being GREEN - biodegradable, renewable, recyclable and environmentally safe.

“Today, there is no clear cut definition for being green; consumers are left to make uneducated decisions with unpronounceable chemicals and materials that previously did not exist in nature and therefore cannot be biodegradable in Earth’s eco-system,” says Jeff Marshall, Chairman & CEO of Green Earth Technologies. “It is important that our consumers look out for blanket statements such as ‘See a Doctor if swallowed,’ which should raise a red flag towards a toxic product that is not, by our definition, green. Green Earth Technologies is committed to better inform our consumers of what they can expect when purchasing ‘G’-Branded products.”

GET supports their “totally green” definition with national ASTM and MSDS standards that determine the biodegradability and toxicity/hazard of a product. GET products replace the petrochemical base of traditional appearance and performance chemicals with an Ultimate Biodegradable bio-base made with plant oil or animal fat. An independent third party study determined that GET products have the highest ranking standard of “Ultimate Biodegradable.” GET also uses a diamond shape diagram to indicate the degree of hazard associated with a particular chemical or material. The hazard diagram ranges from“0” meaning harmless to “4” meaning the products require a respirator, full face shield, a rubber apron, specialized gloves and handling tongs. When it comes to health or toxicity, GET products score a “0”!

More detailed information including the diagram of the hazard ratings will now be easily found on:__

In addition, GET will also be posting tips for consumers on how to keep their “Green” New Year’s resolutions. One such tip for 2009 will be encouraging consumers to check warning labels when purchasing green products. If the ingredients are harmful to humans, then it is a safe bet that it is harmful to pets, plants and the planet. GET is committed to helping educate consumers and will continue to put out similar tips each season.


Green Earth Technologies produces G-branded superior performing totally green products made with American-grown base oils that utilize the power of nanotechnology to deliver environmentally friendly products with no compromise... meaning, consumers can now "do their part" without having to give up performance or value: Save the Earth – Sacrifice Nothing. The G-brand family of products include G-OIL(TM), G-LUBE (TM), G-WASH(TM), G-GLASS(TM), G-CLEAN(TM), G-SCENT(TM), G-WHEEL(TM), G-PROTECT(TM) and G-TIRE(TM), and are offered in a wide range of automotive categories including performance and appearance chemicals. GET products are now available at The Home Depot, Kroger, VIP, National Auto, Fred Meyer, participating ACE & True Value dealers, Redners, Trader Horns, The Andersons, Biggs, Bennett Auto, Frank’s Auto Supermarket and Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information about GET and its brands.


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