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Letter from the CEO (January)




To Our Valued Shareholders and Customers,
Welcome to a new year at Green Earth Technologies. With most high-growth companies, the first month of the year presents both challenges and excitement for customers and employees. As the gun went off, the race has continued to increase in pace every day.
The year began with calls of interest behind Discovery’s PLANET GREEN announcing that G-Oil is one of 7 new things to look for in 2009! Exciting? Yes! The next day we completed high-performance testing of our recently developed racing oil with the Kinetic BMW team. The Kinetic BMW team ran our oil in two of four cars at the KONI Challenge before the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona. Congratulations to all those involved in this grueling test. Our oils stepped up to the demanding performance requirements and surpassed all other oils we raced against. Jim Thompson, Head of Kinetic Sunbelt Engines said, "During extensive testing of G-Oil in our race engines at Daytona, we have concluded that the oil not only possesses the basic characteristics that we demand in an engine oil, but it in fact outperformed all synthetic oils that we currently use. The durability and heat transfer capabilities of the oil were impressive with improvements in the range of 5-10% seen on the track. This, coupled with the reduced friction, created less wear and tear on the engine components. These characteristics held together exceptionally well during our rigorous testing on the track and translated to greater horsepower, torque and better fuel economy. We are very excited about these tests and look forward to beating out the competition while protecting the environment." The next weekend we performed in full racing with stunning success. Going forward, we hope to have all Kinetic engines will run our oil in all engines built.
Our team has now shipped over one million units of biodegradable, renewable, recyclable and environmentally-safe "G"-Branded products. Our customers are thrilled with the performance, and the repeat order flow is right on target. We also began shipping our 4 cycle products this month – making this the fourth consecutive product introduction in 4 months – illustrating the determination of our team to deliver at an achievable pace while continuing to build our G-Brand.

This month we have begun a program to deliver to the Do-It-For-Me market for the car wash industry. As recently covered at Fox News-Hartford, we announce that Splash became a believer in our car care products and bulk shipping to car wash companies will begin shortly. Car wash operators continue to be under the close scrutiny of both governmental agencies and public interest groups, and we are delighted to offer them truly environmentally safe cleaning products that address their needs and satisfy the demands of today's car wash chemical marketplace. As Mark Curtis, Chairman & CEO of Splash Car Wash, said "We are very concerned about the environment and are aggressively looking for high performing 'green' products in which to offer our customers. We are very satisfied with the GET products and are looking forward to using them."

Finishing up the month with a bang -- we have now completed a major distribution milestone for our off-road G-OIL(TM) 4-Cycle 10W-30 Eco Engine Oilnow available to consumers at over 2,000 locations nationwide. This was an extremely difficult challenge for our team but in the end it happened on schedule and as planned.  My sincere appreciation goes to our operations, logistics, and supply team led by Ron Shaffer, Senior VP of Operations. It is people like this you can count on.

Finally, we are committed to growth, quality, and excellence. We are in tough times but this is when entrepreneurs shine. JFK’s “do for your country” speech resonates with our plan. Stimulus for GREEN jobs? We stand ready!


Always looking forward,

Jeff Marshall  - Chairman & CEO    

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