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Letter from the CEO (February)



To our Valued Shareholders and Customers,
February was a very busy month for the GET team. We made significant progress working with our partners and customers on a number of different fronts while also preparing for spring deliveries.  As always, I want to thank you for your valuable thoughts and contributions. With your help, our message is getting out and our brand awareness is accelerating.
As you know, the economy is taking a toll on a number of different industries and institutions. Yet, we are again reminded of the significant impact innovative entrepreneurs make toward economic recovery. Warren Buffet recently released his annual letter and talked about longer view investment perspectives. We at Green Earth Technologies feel that progress in the new “green” economy will belong to those who make and sell products within the United States. This will have long term effects on our economic recovery. I recently spoke with one of the manufacturers of equipment that uses our oil who said they are working toward bringing all of their off-shore manufacturing operations back to this country, thus, dramatically reducing transportation costs and providing more U.S. jobs. In these dire times, there are glimmers of hope and success. People we see in the market who buy our products are doing more around their homes; cutting their own lawns and trees, changing their own oil, power washing the sides of their homes. Sure, the economy is in a shift, but in the end our country will save itself by reducing foreign oil dependence, continuing to clean up the environment, and remaining focused on saving money on products purchased.
In the power wash segment, we have developed a set of products for the Outdoor Power Equipment market. Power washers are essentially two- and four-cycle engines with pumps. They use our oils for both pump oil and the engine oil itself. Now we have added all the detergent products alongside to enhance the accessories need for the application, and degreasing, mold removers, and siding wash can be bought soon nationwide.
We have also made progress toward achieving the American Petroleum Institute certification of our motor oils. In a recent New York Times article, Dennis Bachelder, a senior engineer with the institute’s licensing department, said he had certified many different oils, but G-Oil was a first for him. He said he was reviewing G-Oil’s data and had not found anything to keep the product from receiving certification. A verdict could be delivered within weeks.
On the automotive performance side of things, we’ve made great strides within the racing industry. In an independent race lab our used oil was found to out-perform the two leading race oils (toxic) on the market. The results were certified, and we are now working with other types of cars and teams. Stay tuned for new developments next month. We wish to achieve the fastest oil on four wheels!
Our management team continues to develop, and we are pleased that Simon Higgs has been named President and Chief Operating Officer of Green Earth Technologies. Mr. Higgs, already a member of the Board of Directors, will immediately take on both roles as Dr. Mathew Zuckerman, regrettably, has resigned for medical reasons. Jeffrey Loch, co-founder of GET will replace Dr. Zuckerman on the Board of Directors and will continue leading GET's marketing and sales initiatives while chairing the Advisory Board.
I am looking forward to March as many exciting things are lining up to capitalize on our tireless efforts. Our retail and wholesale distribution models are now in full swing for spring. Again, please continue to send in your thoughts and brilliant ideas. We view all of you as part of our “Green Team.”

Always looking forward,

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