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Oilfield Rig & Equipment Cleaning

Whether cleaning for aesthetics, improved operation, or to effect repairs, the G-CLEAN® solution is effective.

Crude-oil fouled rigs and oil field service equipment may not only be an eye-sore but may prevent proper operation or maintenance and repairs. Under the deposits, corrosion can actually damage equipment. G-CLEAN® Oilfield Rig & Equipment Cleaner is manufactured from non-toxic, plant-based material to produce a colloidal suspension. When activated by mixing with water, the product forms nano-sized cleaning particles called micelles. These micelles act immediately to penetrate oils and grease. Each molecule of oil is broken down separately and then held in a colloidal suspension as it is rinsed off the clean equipment surface. The individual oil molecules held in this suspension then allows for a multi-directional attack by the naturally occurring bacteria in the oil and grease deposit. The small molecule size and increased surface area provides the optimum conditions for biodegradation.

Whether you are washing a work-over rig, oil well, pumping unit, coil tubing unit, pump jack, or any other type of equipment, the cleaning can be done in a wash rack or in the field. For oil field work, the wash waste will biodegrade since the action of the resident bacteria in the crude is enhanced. Cleaning is rapid, effective and environmentally friendly. And, unlike caustic cleaners, G-CLEAN® Oilfield Rig & Equipment cleaner can be used on polished aluminum and painted surfaces without damaging them.

Physical Properties, Chemical Properties and Packaging Specifications

Cleaning Applications

Drilling rigs and associated equipment
Work-over rigs and associated equipment
Coil tubing units
Pump units
Wire line units
Jack pumps and the pump pad
PC pumps
ESP pumps


Product is delivered in a highly concentrated form and diluted with water on site for the application. Delivery packaging is 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, 275 or 330 gallon totes, or in iso-containers based on customer volumes and preference.





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