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2 cycle Bio-Synthetic 50:1 Photo

2 cycle Bio-Synthetic 50:1

NO SMOKE – NO SMELL Bio-based Full Synthetic “Green” Engine Oils works with ALL BRANDS and RATIOS

G-OIL Bio-based Full Synthetic “Green” 2-CYCLE Engine oils are superior performing engine oils, meeting and exceeding JASO-FC/ISO L-EDG and API service category TC performance specifications for all 2 cycle air-cooled outdoor engines and Ultimate Biodegradability, the highest biodegradability ranking as determined by ASTM Standards (2.1 ASTM D-5864). 3rd Party Testing conducted by Intertek Expert Services demonstrated that G-OIL reduced carbon emissions (CO2) by over 30% when compared to other non-green (conventional and synthetic blends) 2-cycle engine oils.

Available Sizes

2.6 oz

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