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Creating a new category; "Environmentally Preferred Lubricants"

Environmentally preferred lubricants fulfill a niche in the total lubricant marketplace; however, there is not a universally accepted definition. The industry generally identifies them by three parameters:
Type Renewable/Reusable Base Stock Degree of Toxicity Degree of Biodegradability
Petroleum NO (Virgin Group II) Moderate-High LOW
Re-refined Petroleum YES (Resuable Group II Base Stock) Moderate LOW
Synthetic NO (Group III) Slight-Moderate MEDIUM**
Bio-based Yes (Renewable Group V Base Stock) Insignificant HIGH
* Exceeds bio-content criteria of USDA BioPreferred program
BioPreferredĀ® is a registered trademark of USDA
** A small percentage are specifically formulated to be less toxic and somewhat biodegradable
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