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Breakthrough Technology Accelerates Biodegradability in Petroleum Motor Oil when Exposed to the Environment to Attack #1 Cause of Oil Pollution in Water.

Used motor oil is the largest single source of oil pollution in U.S. lakes, streams and rivers as petroleum molecules never wear-out and will not dissolve in water. According to the Washington Water Quality Consortium, 40% of oil pollution in American harbors and waterways is a result of improper collection, disposal or recycling of motor oil.  A single pint of oil can create an oil slick larger than a football field.

Introducing GET's biodegradability accelerator named “BODA”, a proprietary agent that accelerates the biodegradability of any fluid.

How does BODA accelerate biodegradability?

  1. Bacteria utilize food which it converts into useful energy. This process involves extra cellular lysis reducing large molecules into usable fragments.
  2. The energy obtained is used for life and the replication of the bacteria cell
  3. BODA is a complex system that enables bacteria to readily and rapidly convert oil (food) into useable energy…rapidly accelerating the biodegradation process


In addition to accelerating the biodegradation of conventional motor oil, BODA also increases performance characteristics. A proprietary accelerated oxidation test (where 30 minutes is the equivalent of 5,000 engine miles) revealed that Green Earth Technologies BODA technology improved conventional motor oil oxidation resistance by up to 22%. 

A Proprietary Surface Tension Analyzer test also showed that motor oil enhanced with BODA improved lubricant wetting for better anti-wear protection.  NOACK volatility with BODA treated oil was about 10% better when compared to the untreated sample.  Additionally, the Total Base Number (TBN) –which is a measurement of the reserve alkalinity and the oils ability to neutralize acids created from combustion and wear showed that motor oil with BODA had a 9.5% improvement over untreated oil.

BODA also enhances the performance of all lubricants. Recent in-house studies demonstrate that BODA:

  1. Improves lubricant wetting for better anti-wear protections
  2. Improves oxidation stability under the most severe conditions
  3. Provides stability of the oil viscosity under stress
  4. Treatment levels are extremely low and optimized for performance


The invention relates to an agent formulation for accelerating the biodegradation of oil based products. The primary mode of biodegradation is through the lysis of long chain hydrocarbons by means of chemically specific bacteria. The process is greatly accelerated by improving the media in which bacteria can replicate. The mode of application is primarly through the use of specialized surface active agents. The formulation also improves oxidation and oil viscosity stability under severe condition.

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